To get back to a real job. 


This system for rehabilitation for people like us, doesn't work. I say it

doesn't. I haven't been working for 30 years. Now I have a site, and I

hope to get paid for that. The worst part of the job I had was the

cooperation, and daily talk and otherwise, together, to and with

the others at the work I had.


I know this  isn't a very popular subject, to write about, in the middle

of the summer.


But I do not hesitate to write about it anyway. It is very important to write

about! It was a routine work at an industry, Just a usual tempowork at an

electronics industry in sweden It had to be done as fast as possible.


I had been working there for some years, then I ought to have been

trying to get some other work. But my selfesteem was to low, and all

of my life was turning around my work, that was a routine work.

What they ought to do, was that they in some humane way should

force the workers to apply for another work, after some time of

rehabilitation, or at least that they should try to go to another step

more close to a real job. They should have a system, of steps where

a person not were able to go to a rehabilitation for 4 - 5 years,

without getting any closer to a real job. 


What I mean is, that you should get closer to a real work, after some

years of reabilitation. If you wasn't able to communicate in a real way

to your collegues, that wasn't good. If you were able to communicate

and cooperate with the others, you should be sent to try a job 

without a choice.


Thank you for now