I was just 17   /   Robert Naverstam  /   Text of  the week!


Yes, we were 17, but who thought about that. I thought I knew all about life, yes I was shure about that! I was young and wanted a good life as others,  yes,

I was almost all the time thinkning about that. We were playing cards, and we sat up all night, yes, all and everyone said we shouldn´t do that. Then

I became 43, I had the chance of my life, then. Yes we were 20 then, beeing just as innocent and allunderstanding, as youngsters could be. 


Yes we knew it all then, just as we know it all now. Ja, ni alla i publicum, jag var 17, men vem funderar väll nu på vad vi funderade på då, på vad som vi funderar på då!

Visst, Vad vi inte förstod då, det förstår vi nog inte idag heller. Jag kan inte leva snart på vad jag gör. Jag hoppas som alla andra, att det är ok, att vilja vara människa.

Men vem bryr sig väll om det idag. Jag tänker på det än idag, jag tänker på det än idag. Jag drömmer om det idag, men vem bryr sig om det, idag, idag, idag? 

Nej vem bryr väl sig om sånt, idag? Vem bryr sig väl om allt som inte är vad, idag? Then I knew all about life, I was sure about that. Now I know nothing about life!

I am almost sure about that! Yes I am almost totally sure about that. SLUT!